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Mobile Offer Wall

What is a Mobile Offer Wall?

Nearly 75% of, global, internet users are using mobile devices to get online. Thus, any website or web-based application, must have a mobile version available. These "mobile" versions are commonly referred to as mobile responsive sites or "apps" in short form for "applications". Mobile applications are certainly attractive to users and in 2014 alone, there were over 41 billion app downloads - a number that is estimated to grow by up to 10% in 2015. However, as popular as apps are, studies have found that their users are extremely reluctant to spend money to purchase an app. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that only 4% of mobile users spend money on purchasing apps! So how are all of these mobile app developers making a living? Surely there must be some other way that mobile app developers are generating revenue, if not from app purchases right? There most certainly is another solution and its a far more effective one as well. Enter the mobile offer wall.

mobile offer wall

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How Mobile Offer Walls Work

The concept behind a mobile offer wall is as simple as it is brilliant. In essence, mobile users are offered an incentive for performing an action that you specify. The incentive is typically a reward of some kind such as special "powers" in a game, an extra level, more lives or something else that the user would be seeking to obtain within the app. The action required varies but ranges from viewing an advertisement such as a video to taking survey, installing a different app or even making a small purchase. The entire process creates a very, lucrative, user friendly experience. Instead of being "forced" to make a purchase from within an app store, users remain within the environment of the application that they like and are able to choose whether to exchange their time (viewing / interacting with ads) or money for an item that is of high interest to them. This contrasts purchasing an app that you have never tried.

Two examples of user flows: Mobile Content Locker (Left) vs Mobile Offer Wall (Right)
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Recommended Offer Walls

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