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What is a Mobile CPI Ad?

Mobile CPI ads, otherwise known as a mobile Cost Per Installation ads, are the most lucrative mobile ad units available. Unlike their counterparts, mobile display ads, which are simply derivatives of the traditional banner ad, CPI ads require a form of action to be taken in order to generate revenue. Thus the term “Cost Per Installation”. The installation required is that of a mobile application and the vast majority of said ads are based on Google’s Android platform or Apple’s iOS platform. These ads are integrated into different delivery vehicles such as mobile content lockers or mobile offer walls – both of which act as a type of interstitial.

What Mobile Cost Per Installation (CPI) offers look like.
mobile CPI ads

How Mobile CPI Ads Work

When a mobile browser or app user encounters a mobile content locker or mobile offer wall, which contain mobile CPI ads, they are able to generate revenue for the app or webpage owner with each successful app installation. This process is referred to as the “user flow” and differs from one ad type to another. Through examination of the user flow, we can see the clear and distinct advantage that mobile CPI ads hold over other forms of mobile advertising. When looking at the mobile market from a macro perspective, data shows that the rate of mobile app installation is growing rapidly year over year.

Two examples of user flows: Mobile Content Locker (Left) vs Mobile Offer Wall (Right)
Click to see larger imageMobile Content Locker vs Mobile Offer Wall

Generate Revenue with Mobile App Installs

In 2014 alone, there were over 41 billion mobile apps installed and this represents an average of over 27 installations per user within the year. This, of course, shows us that the market is accepting of mobile applications and readily willing to engage in a “user flow” that requires them to install an app. That experience and willingness to engage is what makes the use of mobile CPI ads so very lucrative. With over 41 billion apps, voluntarily, installed last year, one can imagine how successful a campaign focused on persuading a user to install a mobile application may be and how much revenue can be generated for mobile app owners.

Targeting CPI Ads

Like other advertisements, each mobile CPI ad is unique and targeted. Targeting in this case is narrowed to both the GEO (the country / location) of the visitor and to their specific device – Android CPI ads for Android devices, iOS CPI ads for iOS devices etc. This level of targeting allows for a greater number of conversions as it ensures that the mobile traffic is being paired with apps that are more likely to capture their interest. As is the case with all ads, the amount of revenue generated per app varies from one ad to another.

Desktop vs Mobile Traffic

Unlike traditional desktop ads, there is a high probability that a mobile visitor may install multiple apps. When this happens, multiple conversions are generated and the owner of the traffic is able to see an increase in their overall revenue. With that said, not all platforms are able to facilitate the delivery of targeted mobile CPI ads or multiple conversions. For those interested in a platform that can perform both functions, it may be of interest to explore’s mobile offer wall or’s mobile content locker.

CPI Ad Inventory

In the past, mobile CPI was limited only by the number of available ads within the marketplace. However, the explosion of mobile device users and app developers over the last few years has made limited inventory a thing of the past. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps and developers looking to gain traction in the marketplace. This increasing level of competition amongst mobile app developers is extremely healthy for the mobile CPI market and stands to drive CPI rates up, making the use of mobile CPI even more lucrative than it is today.

Top Mobile CPI Offers in 2016

Mobile CPI offers in the affiliate marketing industry are ranked by their performance. To determine each CPI offer's performance, networks use impression, click, and conversion data from thousands of affiliates to see which offers ultimately pay the most per click and impression. Visit to see the top Mobile CPI offers of 2016.