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About Mobile Content Locking

What is a Mobile Content Locking?

The Mobile Content Locker is a unique content monetization tool that is able to integrate seamlessly with mobile apps and sites. When the mobile content locker is used within a site or app, it engages users who are attempting to access or obtain premium content. Within a mobile app, this may include unlocking a specific feature, element or tool. Within a mobile site, this may include accessing a particular page that contains premium content such as a movie, video, photo or otherwise.

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How Mobile Content Locking Works

Essentially, the mobile content locker acts as a tollbooth for web visitors and app users who are trying to acquire or access premium content. In exchange for engaging the mobile content locker, the users are granted access to their desired content. When the user does encounter the mobile content locker, they will be required to successfully interact with specific advertisements in order to move forward. These advertisements are referred to as "mobile CPI ads" where CPI stands for "Cost Per Install". As the name suggests, the mobile content locker requires that the user install an app in order to proceed. Depending on how the mobile content locker is setup, the user may be required to install anywhere from 1 to 4 apps.

Two examples of user flows: Mobile Content Locker (Left) vs Mobile Offer Wall (Right)
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Why Mobile Content Locking is Effective

What makes the mobile content locker particularly effective is that, unlike other monetization tools, its presence on a mobile site or app does not negatively impact the user experience (UX). This is due to the fact that the mobile content locker itself integrates seamlessly as its appearance can quickly and easily be customized to match the aesthetics of site or app that it is to be placed in. By contrast, traditional monetization methods stand out and draw negative attention from the user or visitor. Furthemore, the use of mobile CPI ads (exclusively) delivers a familiar experience to users as it calls for them to install a mobile app - which, according to statistics, the average user does over 27 times per year on their own.

For App Owners and Webmasters

As a result, the mobile content locker presents app owners and webmasters with a unique monetization solution which is able to deliver a powerful ROI without compromising the user experience.